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About ME

Hi, I’m Carolyn.

I started Mindwork back in 2008 for those people who want to get a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. After working as a graphic designer for a number of years, I felt the need to be creative in a different way. So I went back to school to pursue a Master of Social Work and started practicing psychotherapy in 2002.

For the past 20 years, and since graduating, I’ve continued to deepen my experience and education, collecting extensive knowledge in working with individuals, couples, and groups. Additionally, I share my knowledge with other therapists through consultation, teaching, and leading workshops at professional conferences. And most importantly, I work with and share my knowledge with people just like you. People who want to understand what changes they need to make to live the lives they want, and what they can do to make these changes stick.

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Where to find me

It’s easy to find my Mindwork office, I am close to the following subway stops:

I’m close to the following stops
– 1 Train Rector Street stop
– 2 and 3 Train Wall Street stop
– 4 and 5 Train Wall Street stop
– J and Z Train Broad Street stop
– N and W Train Rector Street stop

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