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Things don’t always go the way we think they will. We might lose something, or someone, that means a lot to us. We might find it difficult to understand why we’re behaving differently. Or it might be an unfamiliar feeling that we just can’t seem to shake off. Sometimes, we need a bit of help to understand what’s going on, and that’s where Mindwork Therapy comes in.

When you visit me at Mindwork Therapy, located in the Financial District, you and I will spend some time increasing your self-awareness, and helping you gain more insight into your inner life. We’ll work together so you can get more out of every day and meet any challenge life throws at you. So if you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately, let’s figure it out together.


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Hi, I’m Carolyn Ehrlich.

I started Mindwork Therapy back in 2008 for those people who want to get a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. Since beginning my practice, I’ve continued to deepen my experience and education, collecting extensive knowledge in working with individuals, couples, and groups. Additionally, I share my knowledge with my local community and other therapists by continuously training, through teaching, and leading workshops at professional conferences. And most importantly, I work with and share my knowledge with people just like you. People who want to understand what changes they need to make to live the lives they want, and what they can do to make these changes stick.

Your Cost and Insurance.

I’m committed to work with you to make your therapy affordable. I will help you understand your insurance benefits to maximize your coverage. Contact me to explore your cost for the type of therapy you’re motivated to pursue.